1. Young lovers skipping school

  2. My father Carlo

  3. Photo shoot at the beach

  4. Ceiling light

  5. Lomas de Lachay

  6. Silvana

  7. Mirror, sink, and toilet

  8. My cousin Vera

  9. Luis at Morro Solar

  10. My brother Santiago

  11. Yolanda

  12. Urbanización Julio C. Tello

  13. A picture of Ancón at a restaurant in Ancón

  14. View of Lima from Chorrillos

  15. Carmen at La Costa Verde

  16. Father and son at La Costa Verde

  17. TV model at La Herradura beach

  18. At the funeral of Amador Pozo Perez

  19. Don Amador Pozo Perez

  20. Ladies bathroom at the funeral parlor

  21. My grandmother Susú

  22. View of Lima from a helipad

  23. Paracas, south of Lima

  24. Crab fisherman in Paracas

  25. La Gloria restaurant in Pisco, near Paracas

  26. Javico and my aunt Alina in Cieneguilla

  27. Jacklin in her friend Tatiana's car

  28. Mauricio at La Herradura beach

  29. On the road to Cieneguilla, east of Lima

  30. Water tower

  31. Paloma

  32. Geovanny and Vanessa

  33. Easter Sunday at the beach 1

  34. Easter Sunday at the beach 2

  35. Paracas